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Tryvel – Global DMC!

A new service and business area of Tryvel – Groups & Incentives, which resulted from the union of an extremely professional and long-standing team specialized in religious tourism, cultural and thematic circuits, and Tryvel, a solid company with 8 million euros of annual sales with agencies in Lisbon and Porto and a team of more than 20 professionals.

Recognized as a national benchmark, both for its integrity and for its pioneering and professionalism, Tryvel – Global DMC is based on an innovative and creative project that consists of searching and offering differentiated products and destinations of high cultural and thematic value, providing not only added value and enrichment of travelers, but also unique experiences and emotions.


Tours and itineraries allowing the visit of several countries, in the same trip, or in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia or Australia.

• Portugal & Spain | Visit the most historical and monumental or religious sites;
• Europe | Central, Eastern or Northern, Scandinavia and Baltic countries;
• Africa | Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenia, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, etc;
• Asia | India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia,, Vietnam, Myanmar (ex-Burma), China, Japan, Indonesia, etc;
• Australia & New Zealand | In circuit or cruise and can be reconciled with Asia;
• Combined | Europe & Israel – Middle East or Africa & Australia or Asia & Oceania.

Circuitos Culturais e Religiosos


In Portugal, Spain and a little around the world, tours escorted by trained specialists in Art, Ancient and Modern History, Archeology, literature, Portuguese Discoveries, Cinema, Religion, Geo-politics, Journalism, Music, Museums, Sports, Wine, etc…

• Portugal & Spain | Historic regions visits, Vineyards Tours with wine tasting;
• Europe | Cultural Guided Tours simultaneously escorted with a trained specialist;
• Africa | Cultural tours in Morocco, Ethiopia, South Africa and safaris in Kenya,Tanzania, etc;
• Asia | Thematic routes by the eastern countries with their own themes;
• Australia & New Zealand | Film tours in Australia and “Lord of the Rings” in NZ.

Circuitos Temáticos e Enoturismo


Customized projects according with the clients and guests pro les as well the available budget for each trip, number of participants, total requested days, group age, etc…

These trips can be planned as a 5 or 6 days short-break, if the idea is to stay only in a single region or European city, as well to combine di erent capitals or cities, as for example Central Europe Capitals, Italian or Scandinavian regions.

They also can be longer, as in a Safari Tour in Africa or in a circuit in Asia having the possibility to combine Vietnam & Cambodia, Dubai & Maldives, Thailand, China, Hong Kong & Macau, etc…

The main goal is to create unique trips, combining a mix of luxury hotels, excellent restaurants, great glamour, unique experiences and emotions …like driving a Ferrari or a Maserati or simply having a tour on old classic car like the Italian iconic Fiat Cinquecento and why not go to F1 race car?

Viagens de Incentivos Empresas


For families or small groups, book your transfer, hotel and / or city tour at a competitive price. We also offer multi-day tours with departures guaranteed throughout the year in Portugal and still in some European countries.

Check our guaranteed game schedule or ask us for a detailed program. We also offer a VIP service in a Mercedes 7-seater van with driver / driver, which allows an excellent service in private.

Viagens Individuais


For any other service, please contact us.

• Bus reservations;
• Hotel reservations;
• Official guides and assistants in several languages;
• City tours;
• Shows, Fairs and Summits;
• Entrances to Monuments and Museums.

Outros Serviços