We have significant experience in all of the organization in Group Travel from planning to execution from leisure to corporate incentive travel, and always counting on our most competitive partners in order to guarantee excellence at the very best price. Our dimension and professionalization in this area so demands it.

Cultural and Themed travel experiences

Designed to measure given each individual specification. Our own specialists, guides, history of art teacher mentors etc,  guarantee us unique and memorable experiences on our travels. Be surprised by us on original and unique experiences to places never before visited as well as by the mysteries of the most various civilizations, their traditions, costumes and rituals.

Journey into History and Time


A very specialised, experienced and dedicated team, design each programme, taking into consideration the profile of each group as a guideline, the best destination possible in each case, obtaining the very best result and ratio, price ‘versus’ best value for money. Creating moments and the unexpected, are for us the ultimate challenge in providing you with a fantastic and unique experience.

  • Our partnership concept makes the difference.
  • A specialised, multidisciplinary and very experienced team.
  • The best conditions with the most recent technological tools.
  • Efficient, quick and integrated solutions.

We plan meetings, conventions and events for corporations, pharmaceutical companies and associations, in Portugal or all over the world. We guarantee and assist all the aspects and details of our clients request, negotiating all vendor and hotel contracts and transportations. As well as creating and implementing all these type of events, we provide handling and manage them equally.